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Ali Alaoui is moroccan and percussionist in the National Moroccan Orchestra. He studied the percussions in Fes at the « arabo-andalou music academy ».

After his carreer in the National Moroccan Orchestra, he moved to Toulouse/France, where he is now a very well-known teacher of percussions.

He developped different kind of musical ensembles (Moultaqa Salam, Instinchaq, Pulsations du Monde,...), where he improves links between oriental and occidental musics.

Recently, he was decorated by the King Mohamed VI himself for his work for the development and the influence of the moroccan music and culture between Morocco and France.


Ali Alaoui devotes all of his career to spreading his culture. Working at the same time on the transmission, creation and adaptation of classical and traditional musical repertoires, he pays tribute to his heritage and makes links between Middle Eastern and Western musics.


Ali Alaoui & Moroccan and Amazigh Traditional Troupes

For the Moroccan Journey, Ali Alaoui will be our guide to meet moroccan and amazigh traditional culture through traditional moroccan and amazigh musics, and rhythms from Middle East and North Africa.

We will explore with him the oriental and north african rhythms

We will meet, thanks to his huge knowledge of moroccan and amazigh culture and musicians, 3 traditional troupes : 

- Gnawas de Marrakech

- Houriyattes de Asaka

- Ahwach du Haut Atlas

To discover their traditions, their musics, their dances...

To play music and dance with them

Be ready to be immersed in the real moroccan culture for a unique experience!!!

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